Microaggressions, a new project by two former Blaaagers

Hey all! This is former co-editor David back from the dead.

This week, I started the Microaggressions tumblr with former Blaaager Vivian. We originally wanted to collect the little incidents and anecdotes in our lives that make our Asian American and intersected experiences marginalized. Then we had the idea to put it up on tumblr and collect submissions.

An email and a Twitter account later, this was born. We’ve had shoutouts on Jezebel and Racialicious. And now, our very own Asian American Alliance blog.

Please send it to your friends and loved ones! Submit posts you have encountered yourself!

China is full of internet addicts

This in from Feministing and The Christian Science Monitor:

China has the highest number of internet users in the world and many of them are “internet addicts”… China has the world’s largest number of Internet users - 290 million and counting, with 70 percent under the age of 30. And a recent survey of Internet use by global market information group TNS found that Chinese spend the highest proportion of their leisure time online - 44 percent - out of users in 16 countries.

SURPRISE. Actually, no, this isn’t surprising, since China is the country with the greatest population in the world. I’m kind of skeptical of this statment, because what counts as leisure anyway? Isn’t that something that is culturally determined and varying from place to place? Who gathers these facts? The missionaries with a history of cultural ignorance? Anyway. Maybe I should warn my grandparents - they’re clearly at a great risk, with their dial-up and all. Don’t read too many e-mails, grandpa!